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Marin Day Schools, established in 1981, is dedicated to giving each child the very best start in life. Research stresses the importance of early childhood education, as birth to five years is a vitally significant time. The "World at Their Fingertips" developmental, anti-bias and multicultural curriculum is child centered, hands-on, experiential, project based and fun! Our mission is to support and enhance social/emotional functions including respect for oneself and for others, cognitive/academic functions including skill building and critical thinking, and the child's innate curiosity and creativity. There is excitement and enthusiasm for the dynamic social, emotional and educational growth that occurs in the early years.

MDS campuses are happy places where children are appreciated for who they are today, as young children, and for who they will one day become, as responsible citizens of the world. The MDS faculty, together with parents, is here to help children get ready for the challenges and rewards of the future. Time and attention is given to children and parents regarding kindergarten readiness and choosing an elementary school. We strongly respect and support all forms of family life and appreciate anyone who loves and cares for a child. Parents are our most important partners and we look forward to joining you on the journey as your child begins their first school.

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