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We believe that children learn experientially, by doing rather than being instructed. We are advocates for the child's right to move, to play, and to explore.

Twenty-first century ideals with respect to teamwork, leadership, problem solving, interpersonal skills, communication, personal development, sense of community, respect for the environment, creativity, and self-motivation are an integral part of the MDS philosophy. Enthusiasm for learning, respect for oneself and others, and increased self confidence are the goals for each child. We believe that children's knowledge of themselves and the world around them grows from significant pleasurable learning experiences. Marin Day School provides a way for every child to succeed in building social and educational skills and learning appropriate methods of interacting with other people. Most importantly Marin Day Schools are happy places where children thrive. We want every child to feel that Marin Day School is a fun, safe place and look forward to coming to school.

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