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How to Donate

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Fundraising Matters!!!

How to Donate

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Marin Day Schools

Marin Day Schools is a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization. We are a community of campuses that support each other and the organization as a whole. Fundraising is essential and a significant aspect of our yearly activities. All money that comes to MDS through fundraising stays entirely with MDS, is held in a separate account and is used only to benefit the children and programs of MDS. Our Tax ID number is 942-74-5572.


Why fundraising matters:

 · Creates common goal that brings the community together. It enhances the school in large and small ways. Studies show that children thrive when parents support and are actively involved in their child's education.

· Our goal is for 100% parent participation rather than a specific dollar amount.

· Provides funding for scholarships and financial aid to families. The fluctuating economy has created situations where more and more families experience some type of financial loss and instability. Providing funding to families allows them to attend our schools and stay in our schools until they graduate and move onto kindergarten.

· Increases diversity within the community so that single parents and the children of parents with lower paying work positions have the ability to send their children to MDS. This includes people that enhance our lives - teachers, transportation workers, police officers, firefighters, secretaries, gardeners, maintenance workers, environmentalists, people that work for nonprofits, etc.

· It's fun! Having parents, children and faculty working together on projects and events enables families and teachers to get to know each other in new and different ways. It shows children how important actual participation is when you work together.


How funds are distributed:

MDS operates as one united community made up of individual campuses, each with their unique ambiance and population. Therefore funds that come into the schools are divided so that 25% remains with the campus for the faculty to use at their discretion on site. The other 75% is used to provide scholarships and aid to families in financial need throughout the organization.


How MDS fundraises:

The Fall Fund Drive: We ask that every family please donate a suggested amount or as much as possible. 100% family participation is the goal! Oct. 1 - Dec. 31.

The Spring Event, We ask parents to help us organize and produce an event, auction and/or raffle that will bring in a significant amount of money to the organization. In mid October Spring Event Donation Forms and Letters will be available at each campus. Pick some up and think about your child's school when you are out shopping, dining, getting beauty and health services, taking classes, traveling and make a heartfelt pitch to support early childhood education and safe, secure and fun childcare. It is good business to support children's programs!

  • Contributions of stocks or bonds
  • Individual or Trust donations and/or grants
  • Single Donations from families or businesses
  • Sales of logo items and individual campus bake sales etc.
  • Matching Donations: Businesses, firms and organizations match donations from their employees. Please check to see if your employer has this program 

The children of MDS relay on you - our wonderful parents- to join us and truly to be a part of your campus and the MDS organization. It makes sense to support children as they are the future. Children are very young for such a short amount of time. Make the most of it. Thank you so much!

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